I 2020 & 2021 var hele verden hårdt ramt af Corona Pandemien, dette medførte at stort set alle internationale vandrings aracementer blev aflyst.

Som et alternativ til de aflyste arrangementer blev begrebet ”virtuel march” opfundet. Du vandre lokale ruter og registrer din vandring på GPS hvorefter du indsender dit resultat til arrangøren af den virtuel march.

The Reserve Sports Association (RESUL) plans and conducts reserve and fitness events for its member organizations and motivates ordinary citizens to exercise. This year a new marching event is coordinated by RESUL. The idea of the event came when the world’s largest marching event, Vierdaagse in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, was canceled. Because of this RESUL is organizing an international marching event during the traditional Nijmegen week, 23rd to 26th of July 2020.

Who can take part in the march?

RESUL Four Day March is an event open to everyone. As part of the Lisää liikettä -project (“More movement”), the goal of the march is to get ordinary people moving.

   • RESUL – people who belong to RESUL member organizations, i.e. the Finnish Reserve Officers' Association RUL, the Reserve Association RES or the National Defense Guilds Association MPKL

   • SOTUL – members of the Finnish Military Sports Association SOTUL (i.e. military personnel, conscripts, retired military personnel, and their families)

  • Civilians - people who do not belong to the organizations mentioned above
  • International - people who participate outside of Finland




RESUL 1 års medalje

Medalje for første år gennemførelse af RESUL fire dags march

2 års gennemførelse af RESUL march

Tal for andet års gennemførelse af RESUL fire dags march