Göta Luftvärnskårs minnesmedalj


The Swedish Göta Air Defense Regiment Commemorative Medal (Swedish language: Göta Luftvaernskårs Minnes Medalj ) is a commemorative medal of the former Göta Air Defense Regiment.

The regiment was merged with the Luftvärnsregementet of the Swedish Armed Forces in 2000.



The Göta Air Defense Regiment Commemorative Medal was first proposed as a means to recognize the contributions of junior officers and junior enlisted personnel, who were not eligible for a higher decoration.

The achievements of foreign military personnel must be accomplished with distinction above that normally expected of a professional military members.



This medal may be awarded for either combat or noncombat actions based on sustained performance or specific achievement by distinguishing oneself.

The award authority rests with the Göta Regimental awards board. Granting a broad discretion of when and for what action the Göta Air Defence Regiment Commemorative Medal may be awarded. It is awarding is all up to the Göta awards board commander and its members.



The medal is a silver in colored round metal with the Göta Air Defence Regimental insignia in the middle. the rear side of the medal has olive branches around the edges. The ribbon colors are orange, yellow, orange yellow and orange.

Göta Luftvärnskårs Medalje

Göta Luftvärnskårs Medalje

Älvsborgs Amfibieregemente Medalje

In 2005, the Älvsborgs amfibieregementes minnesmedalj ("Älvsborg Amphibious Regiment Commemorative Medal") in silver (ÄlvsbamfregMSM) was established.

 It's a cross moline in red enamel and gold. The medal ribbon is of blue moiré with red edges followed by a white stripe and with a broad yellow stripe in the middle.

Älvsborgs Amfibieregemente Medalje

Älvsborgs Amfibieregemente Medalje

Svenska Värnpliktsofficersförbundets minnesmedalj

SVOFGMM2 Svenska Värnpliktsofficersförbundets minnesmedalj med anledning av förbundets upplösning 2006

Svenska Värnpliktsofficers-Förbundet Medalje


Värnpliktsofficers-Förbundet Medalje